Garden Details


An oasis of annual color greets you as you approach.  Turn the corner to discover the real treasure, a magical forest hollow.  Stroll the stone path leading to a mystical cove.  The woodland floor abounds with an array of ferns, ligularia, and hostas.  Keep a close eye for the forest sprites as they cast their enchantments upon unsuspecting visitors.


A tiny, quaint, cottage marks the entrance to this playful, secret garden.  Friendly garden surprises await along the spider web of intertwining paths sprinkled through this back yard.  Listen closely for the resident singing frogs that hide on the banks of the shimmering pond outside the hidden artist studio.


Reminiscent of a fine European castle, a tapestry of color is woven through the grounds of this stately manor.  Earthly spectres, long since passed, linger near.  Seek out the wisdom of Boreas, Greek God of the North wind & his beloved wife, Orithiya to grant safe passage along your journey.  A sunken garden overflowing with color beckons you to enter.  Cast your wishes upon the water deities that await.  Step lightly as you depart and be cautious on your way, for near the cobble stone courtyard, a feline Spirit, still remains.


A garden of mayhem and mischief, a menagerie of magical creatures adorn this sprawling lakeside estate.  Slip behind the expansive walled garden brimming with unusual fanciful perennials, injecting a long season of color, shape & form.  Savor the scents of a specialty herb & vegetable garden, safely guarded by Lord Merlin’s faithful servant.


A mint aroma entices your senses as you are lured into this secret lair.  Crushed stone marks the way along the enchanted path.  Near-at-hand, a fountain’s tranquil murmur apprises all who draw near, that garden nymphs lie beneath the surface.  Linger on towards the hidden haunt. An effervescent wellspring of magic waits, guarded safely by the beguiled squires.  Don’t hasten your departure or hence bewitched by Nymphadora, the residing princess.


Under a canopy of whispering pines, the garden pixies stir.  Graced by an abundance of shade loving perennials, their handy work hasn’t gone to waste.  Stroll the drive to the Welcoming Garden, where a plethora of texture and variety abound.  Sweet scents arise from the nearby Fragrance Garden, luring you on to the true treasure, a delightful vista to gaze upon.  Shimmering wings sparkle, on the gentle rolling waves, as the garden pixies take flight.  End your journey near the colorful array of delicate and fanciful annuals on display.

Garden Maps

A map will be e-mailed to you on or before July 27th, 2011. Gardens open on Saturday July 30th, 8am -3 pm. There will be hosts at each garden to assist you on your journey.

Event is planned rain or shine. If you do not receive a map please contact us at 612-363-2888.

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