MissionFish helps nonprofits fundraise on eBay (and PayPal)

Designate Faces of Siberia as your favorite nonprofit and help us raise funds to benefit the orphans. All you need is a Paypal account, and with the new “ Donate Now Feature” you can donate right away without buying or selling anything. Below is an outline of how the program works:

The combination of our technology(ebay) and nonprofit expertise, plus eBay's active global community, forms the eBay Giving Works program. It allows sellers to give proceeds from their sales to a favorite nonprofit, and helps nonprofits raise funds by selling on eBay too. Nonprofits can also receive donations from eBay users through the Donate Now feature, which lets anyone with a PayPal account donate to nonprofits right away –without buying or selling.

Trust, Safety and Reliability

As the trusted administrator of eBay Giving Works, MissionFish makes the program safe, easy and reliable by:

  • Certifying that our nonprofits are tax-deductible and meet eBay Community standards against hate, violence and intolerance.
  • Collecting donations from eBay users and delivering them to nonprofits as intended.
  • Managing the tax benefits of giving through eBay Giving Works.
  • Powering the technology that makes it all possible.

We're also a nonprofit: MissionFish is a collaboration of the Points of Light Institute, Pew Charitable Trusts, and The Case Foundation. We serve thousands of organizations in the US and the UK. To date, we’ve helped raise millions of dollars and we’ve been recognized by the Yale School of Management and the Social Enterprise Alliance for our innovative approach. MissionFish is based in Washington, D.C. with an office in the UK.

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