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How do I raise money for Faces of Siberia through GoodSearch?

Last year search engines generated close to $8 billion in revenue from advertisers. We've developed a way to direct some of that money to the causes you care about most. It's easy ... every time you search the Internet at, Faces of Siberia earns money and the more you search, the more they make. Add up the money generated from all your searches and those done by the millions of other people who we hope will use GoodSearch, and we can make a real difference to the people and causes that need funds most.

How does it work?

  • On the GoodSearch homepage, choose Faces of Siberia
  • Search the Internet just like you normally would — the site is powered by Yahoo!, so you'll get high-quality search results.
  • Fifty percent of the revenue generated from the sponsored search advertisers is shared with the charity, school or nonprofit organization of your choosing.

Are the search results going to be as good as the search engine I am using now? is powered by Yahoo! so you'll get high-quality search results!

How much money could this generate for Faces of Siberia?

Fifty percent of the revenue generated from the sponsored search advertisers on GoodSearch is shared with the charity, school or nonprofit organization of your choosing. We estimate that each Web search will generate approximately $0.01 (image, video, Yellow Pages, and site-specific searches are not included). The sky is the limit. The more people use GoodSearch, the more money will be directed towards causes. There is no cap on how much money we will direct to charities.

Where does the money come from?

Search engines make most of their money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search. At GoodSearch, we've patented a way to track and direct these search-generated proceeds to charities. In other words, a portion of advertiser dollars (and not your own!) earned as a result of your search, are now passed along to the organization you've chosen to support.

Do the users ever have to pay anything?

No. GoodSearch provides people a way to support their favorite cause at no cost. The money comes from the GoodSearch advertisers.

What percentage of revenue goes to the charities and schools?

GoodSearch is a search engine with a unique social mission which involves generously giving back to charity with every Web search. We direct 50 percent of revenues from our sponsored search results to the nonprofits designated by our audience.

Other examples of socially-conscious companies which donate a percentage of their revenues or profits to good causes include Newman's Own, Ethos Water, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's.

Do all of my searches count toward donations?

All of your searches will count toward donations except for the following: 1) image searches; 2) video searches; 3) "search this site" searches; 4) searches for URL's (i.e., search terms ending in .com, .org, .net, .edu); 5) searches to sites for which the URL is well known such as HotMail, ESPN, MySpace, Facebook, GMail, AOL, etc.; 6) searches for stock quotes; 7) searches for word definitions; 8) Yellow Pages searches; 9) any searches generated from fraudulent use of the site.

How can I track the number of searches and revenue generated for Faces of Siberia

After you have entered your charity in the "Who do your GoodSearch for?" box on our homepage, just click on the "Amount Raised" button. Here you'll see in real-time the number of searches and money raised.

How can I make it so Faces of Siberia is already chosen each time I go to GoodSearch?

If your computer allows cookies, the last nonprofit you designated will remain chosen. Please note, any time you or your anti-virus software clears your cookies or temporary files, you will need to return to the GoodSearch homepage and re-select your charity. Click here to find out how to enable cookies.

Another option is to link to GoodSearch with the following direct link, which includes your Charity ID and bypasses the "cookie": (replace "xxxx" with the Charity ID located on the Amount Raised page).

General Questions - GoodShop: The GoodSearch Shopping Mall

How do I raise money for Faces of Siberial with GoodShop?

Every time you click over to one of our partner merchants from the GoodShop site and then make a purchase, Faces of Siberia earns money. The more you shop, the more they make! Add up the money generated from all of your shopping and the shopping done by all of the other people who use GoodShop, and we can make a real difference for many worthy causes.

100% of the donation displayed on GoodShop goes to your designated nonprofit or school.

How does it work?

Simply go to and click on the GoodShop link or go to In the "Who do you GoodSearch for" box, choose Faces of Siberia. Next, click through to our partner merchants (clicking on the merchant's link will open a new browser window and redirect you to their site) and start shopping! A percentage of your purchase will go to your favorite charity or school.

Where does the money come from?

When you shop through GoodShop at one of our retail partners, GoodSearch is paid a commission. At GoodSearch, we've developed a way to track these shopping-generated proceeds and direct them to charities.

Am I paying more to shop through GoodShop? Is this any different than buying directly from the retailer?

Absolutely not! The experience of shopping through GoodShop is exactly the same as going to the retailer directly – you receive the same prices and level of service. The retailers are responsible for collecting payment, shipping and returns.

Is shopping through GoodShop secure?

Absolutely! GoodSearch does not collect any credit card or personal information such as your name or address. The entire transaction is done directly through the merchants just as if you had gone to their store directly.Do all purchases qualify for a donation?

While the majority of all purchases will generate a donation for your organization, each retailer has its own rules and some purchases may not qualify. For example, many merchants do not contribute donations for gift cards or gift certificates. You can read about restrictions by clicking on the percentage generated link under each retailer's logo on the GoodShop shopping homepage.

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