Wool animal artists March 2010 008

Felted Animal Art Project 

In January 2010 FOS collaborated with Tatiana Darovskih, Director of the Pelim Village Art Center, on a volunteer project working with community youth.  A group of local teenagers donated their time and talents to create a felted animal collection of toys which then were donated to us and sold to raise funds for our orphan programs.  This was our first community outreach program with the Russian community and it was a great success.  We donated the funds to purchase the wool & sewing needles from the local suppliers.  The art students worked on the project with their Director for approximately a month, the end result was a unique colorful array of animals, including bears, geese, sheep, cows, & penguins.  Each was an expression of the artist’s own creative idea.  The toys were then delivered to the U.S. and were sold at our Midwest Fair Trade Events along side our Orphan Artwork Cards.  They were very well received by our supporters.

The Young Russian Artists and Pilim Village Art Center gained exposure & recognition for their unique contribution both in their own community and here in the U.S. We plan to include more community collaborative projects like this to our outreach programs in the future.

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