Theater Actors group

Community Theater Group 

Through the theater group performances we are exposing the children to their rich cultural heritage, brought to life through stories, fairytales and folklore. In April the local community Open Student Theater Group performed the play “I am Lying in the Sun.” under the direction of Irina Ljadova. The play is based on a favorite children’s story & cartoon. The cast consisted on local area youth playing an array of jungle animal characters from the story. The main characters, the lion cub was played by Maira Stremjakova and the Turtle played by Evegeniya Maksimovskix. The story is about the lion, Grr Meow’s, adventures when he meets a turtle along his journey and learns a funny song that the turtle sings to the other jungle animals.

The children enjoyed the performance immensely and had the opportunity to meet with the cast after the play and have their photos taken. We were excited to have the opportunity to work with this theater group and bring this special presentation to them.

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