Dolphin Group

Birthday Club

A Note From Our U.S. Director :

On a snowy and frigid January day in an orphanage outside of Ekaterinburg Russia, eight year old Tanya crawled into my lap.  We talked about celebrating birthdays and when I asked about hers, she told me she didn’t remember.  My heart sank.  I promised her I would find out. 

Tanya’s wish has been the inspiration for our Birthday Club.  Each orphan participating in this club is remembered and honored on their special day with a birthday celebration including special activities both at the orphanage and local excursions to the Puppet Theater, Ekaterinburg Aquarium, circus and movie performances. Each child receives a birthday video greeting from our U.S. Director to commemorate their day.  Much excitement now surrounds these anticipated events, and these forgotten children’s’ spirits have been lifted with a sense of hope, joy and recognition.  The Birthday Club has allowed our staff to connect with these children on a regular, consistent basis, building both positive relationships and happy memories for them.  Our current Birthday club participates reside in an orphanage for children with learning disabilities; they are 10-12 years of age. 

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