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Summer/Winter Adventure Camp

In 2004 we sponsored our first Adventure Camp with the assistance of our partners at Adventure Team, a Russian based tourist group.  Their staff is dedicated to bettering the life of these forgotten children through organized group and team building experiences, far from the walls of their orphanages.  Our partnership continues, offering the children a variety of opportunities throughout the year.  From educational expeditions with local community professionals, to summer rafting trips, outdoor camping experiences and holiday celebrations.

The goal of these adventures is to help connect the children to their community and to the idea that there is life outside their institute. Instilling a sense of belonging, inclusion and acceptance is important during these events and our staff works hard to encourage the children’s hopes, dreams & talents.  Through art programs, team building challenges and physical activities the children return to their orphanages with a renewed sense of self worth.  Many of the orphanage caretakers have expressed to us the positive impact these camps have on the children’s mental and physical health. This impact is evident in the children’s creative expression of their experiences through art.

Funds for our Adventure camps are provided by the proceeds from our Orphan Artwork Cards.  A program designed to help sponsor more camp experiences for the children and to recognize the artistic beauty inside each of them.

A Note from the U.S. Director:

Our holiday party in January 2009 was a very special occasion because for the first time I was able to travel to Russia to celebrate with the children and our Adventure Team partners.  It was an exciting time meeting and interacting with the children in a beautiful wooded setting outside Ekaterinburg.  The children played winter games, hiked and stayed warm near our camp fire and warming house. The most fun was teaching the children how to roast marshmallows around the camp fire.  It was a special “American” style treat along with the hot cocoa I had brought to share.  I was able to connect with many of the children who had participated in our programs, along with introducing new children to the festivities.  A local Russian television station filmed our celebration and broadcasted a special news edition about our organization.  It was a truly amazing experience.

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